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Burnout Management is complex

We make it fun and data-driven

How much is your company's burnout tax?

We want to help everyone save on the personal and financial costs of burnout.

Our services use our propriety gamified mental wellness tracking app designed by neuroscientists to track and mitigate burnout.

Burnout Risk Assessment Services

Gamification-Driven Management

Low engagement is a key barrier to mental health resource utilization and drives burnout risk.

Experience how our gamification strategy makes learning about the neuroscience of burnout fun and engaging.

Can you complete a 7 Day Wellness Sprint and unlock all your personalized wellness content?

Burnout Management Workshops

Our team of neuroscientists have over 10 years of experience facilitating educational experiences on brain health.

Each workshop uses our app as an interactive learning tool to engage your team in their own personal wellness journey.

We assist in building a corporate culture of proactive mental wellness, psychological safety, and optimized productivity.

Data-Driven Solutions

Is your team close to burning out?
Are some people at higher risk that others?

Are your current wellness programs, EAP, and benefits plans effective at managing burnout?

Our services answer these questions to build a happy, healthy, and productive team.

Pick The Right Service For Your Team

Burnout Risk Assessment

Fully Customizable Base Risk Assessment

$ 0 /Request a quote
  • [ 60 - 90 minutes ] + 10min/day for 7 days
  • Includes Kick-Off Workshop, Report, Feedback Session
  • Follow-Up Assessment
  • For Progressive Companies Looking To Retain Talent

Interactive Workshop

Create a culture of inclusion and performance with your team

$ 750 /workshop
  • 60 - 90 minutes session
  • Customizable Workshop
  • Actionable Team Building Activities
  • Free Consultation to co-design learning objectives
  • For Curious & Collaborative Teams
  • ***10% of proceeds donated to Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Executive Coaching

Discover your brain's superpowers

$ 100 /person
  • 30 - 60 minutes session
  • Coaching Call
  • Individual Report
  • Proprietary Neurodiversity Assessment
  • For Growth Oriented Leaders
  • *Small Team Pricing Available
  • ***20% of proceeds donated to Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Next Level Interactive Workshops

Each interactive workshop includes an exclusive themed Wellness Sprint to engage and challenge your team to build better brain health habits over the next 7 days. Custom topics are available upon request or select from the following list to create a corporate culture of mental wellness.

Topics Include

Recovery is a crucial component of brain health, and the best kind of recovery is our sleep. At this workshop, learn about how sleep impacts both physical and mental health, featuring research conducted by Dr. Ty McKinney.

The first several years of our life are critical for brain development. At this workshop, learn about the impact of early childhood adversity and a framework for providing the workplace support these people need to live their best lives.

Everyone loves to receive gifts and support, but did you know that your brain gets benefits from the act of giving as well? At this workshop, learn why charitable activities improve your mental health and are great team-building activities. 

Why do twice as many students with ADHD go on to pursue entrepreneurship? At this workshop, you will learn about how the cognitive challenges experienced by people with ADHD can actually be superpowers when these people go to start up their own businesses. 

While anxiety is a normal emotion that we will all inevitably experience, burnout can be avoided. At this workshop, learn some brain hacks for managing both burnout and anxiety to achieve optimal mental wellness. 

There is strength in diversity, but only if you understand the people on your team who think differently thank you. This interactive workshop teaches you about your own strengths and how to complement the strengths of other people on your team. 

When depression strikes, quality of life and productivity suffer. This workshop will help you understand why we experience depression and develop a strategy for managing when (not if) it happens on your team.

This workshop is designed to promote empathy and understanding of the role of trauma in substance abuse and addiction. Attendees will learn about substance use can be a coping mechanism for ADHD, anxiety, and depression, as well as how neuroscience can help us support these people toward recovery. 

Bundle & Save !

Contact us about creating a workshop series, custom dashboards, and benefits optimization.

We have an engaging and data-driven solution for your unique needs.


Every business owner should be asking: how I stop my staff from burning out? Applying a Burnout Risk Assessment from 8 Bit Cortex was unequivocally one of the most eye-opening experiences as a business owner.

Beth McNeil CEO of MB Pension

Ty has a way to engage, educate and inspire an audience. I'm excited that others are excited to have Ty with 8 Bit Cortex and The Branch Out Foundation back for future Lunch n Learns. So many fascinating neuroscience topics to uncover! It’s no wonder the feedback from corporate partners has been so positive!

Crystal Philips Co-Founder of Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Patron-focused experience mapping is an integral piece of production that ensures the vision and mission of Beakerhead is amplified to the widest possible audience. In adapting the 8-bit app to easily capture the emotional experiences of patrons at Beakerhead, we are better able to identify ineffective touchpoints that can be considered when making future programming decisions. Also, its just plain fun.

Parker Chapple Executive Director of Beakerhead


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